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Anne Boysen

Retur til designere
Architect and designer Anne Boysen established Anne Boysen Studio in 2012. Situated in Køge, outside of Copenhagen, the studio works with clients in the field of art, design and architecture. Attention to detail, genuine craftsmanship and timeless design is key to Anne Boysen, whose multifaceted practice range from functional design to abstract art.

Trained as an architect, decor and the way we physically relate to a space and objects are essential parts of Anne Boysen's practice. Whether designing a piece of functional furniture, creating powerful, yet simple interior design solutions or painting, she is driven by aesthetics and that particular feeling brought by finding the perfect colour- or material composition and shape. She takes brave decisions for granted, needs her experimental playground and looks to all senses in the process.

Though standing proudly on the shoulders of giants, Anne Boysen isn’t afraid of weaving a bold colour palette or experimental forms into her design practice, because design should not be merely reduced to function, but always possess a distinguishing quality. Constantly striving for a sustainable and non-compromising attitude, visually, productively and in relation to collaborations, Boysen is ready for new endeavours. After several years maintaining the pace of the trend-oriented design industry, she now listens to her gut feeling, increasingly moving in a more reflective, artistic direction with an emphasis on aesthetically sustainable projects with longer deadlines: more passion, impeccable skill and - above all – silence. The value of a great design-object is found in the detail, the craftsmanship and the feeling it provides you with, whether physically or emotional. Thus, she appreciates being part of the entire process – from concept building and design to product development and production.

The floating transition and the movement between the fast-paced design industry and the lingering art world appeals to Anne Boysen, who, however, feels best when there is room to nest the small, important details so often omitted in industrial design processes. The results should, according to Anne Boysen, be balanced, harmonious, thorough products that honour the values of quality, solid crafts and dialogue with the surrounding frameworks.